Natural ways remove toxins from your body

 Natural ways to detox and remove toxins from your body

Detox our body regularly is necessary because toxins, plugs and mucus are build up in our body overtime. Our body metabolic process itself creates waste and toxins every day. Toxins are also building up from poor nutrition, stress, lack of water, and exercise.

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Therefore, detoxification requires a lifestyle change, which involves reducing toxin intake and increase elimination of toxins.

Here are 6 surefire ways to detox your body:

Step 1: Don’t eat dinner late

You should aim to finish your dinner by 8 pm to allow digestion to complete and the stomach is empty before you go to bed. When your body senses that the stomach is empty, it goes into detox, repair and recovery mode. Eating a dinner late means that your body needs to focus on digestion and not detox.

Step 2: Cut down on daily oily and sugar food

Excess of oily and sugary foods suppress digestion. When oily and sugary foods come into contact with digestive secretion in the stomach, they form clumps and turn into toxin, leading to an increase of toxin load on your body.

Step 3: Drink plenty of water

The human body of made up of 70% of water and all metabolic processes are conducted in the presence of water. Water is needed to flush out the metabolic waste. When you don’t drink enough water, your body will conserve the water and less is used to flush the toxins away. So, you are self-poisoning because of toxins that stay in your body. A general guideline of how much water you need is 30 ml (1oz) per 1kg (2.2lb) of your body weight.

Step 4: Drink green or herbal tea

Green tea or herbal tea cleanse and removes waste from your body. They are rich in antioxidants and can also help to improve metabolism and burn fat.

Step 5: Drink Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera has 100 nutrients compounds and out of which 72 are important for the digestive health. The benefits of Aloe Vera are well documented. It helps to cleanse and remove waste. Aloe Vera helps with constipation and heart burns. It is also anti-inflammatory and accelerates healing.

Step 6: Eat high fiber diet

Fiber acts like a brush in your intestine and helps to push and clean the waste out of your body. By this action, the health and the small intestine is improved and absorption of nutrients will be more efficient. It helps to improve the rhythmic contractions of the large intestine and increase the elimination process.

How do you detoxify your body?

remove body toxinsThere are several ways to detox that will help you to get rid of these toxins. Eating antioxidant foods (also known as super-foods), drinking green tea, fruit juices and water will all help to detoxify your body. You can also consider taking supplements to help you reduce the effects of toxins.

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Sample Antioxidant Foods:

KIWI – Has very high content of potassium, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

ACAI BERRY – Contains powerful antioxidant properties including anthocyanin and flavonoids, known for helping your body fight toxins.

FISH – Contains Omega 3 (fatty acids), vitamins, minerals that aids your body in fighting infection, inhibit blood clotting and lower the chance of heart attack.

YOGURT – Has more calcium than milk, high content of probiotics which is good bacteria. Helps to avoid osteoporosis, improve immunity and lower the threat of digestive cancers.

BROCCOLI – Has large amounts of vitamins, Beta Carotene, Fiber and polyphenols that help fight cancer and improvement of your immune system.

Consider adding green tea to your daily menu. Green tea is very healthy for you and is also good to help detoxify your body.

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Remember, to detoxify will help by removing excess toxins from your body and may help protect you from serious diseases. This is the most important reason why you should detoxify your body.

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